Elderly Care & Home Visits in Carlsbad, CA

Individual Elderly Care Plans - Our Goals:

• To provide kind, safe and healthy support to residents and their families by individualizing care plans for each resident.
• To honor, love and give each of them the chance to live with dignity.
• To provide for them and support their stay as long as they need us.
• Not to give up on them by sending them out to different homes when they need us the most.
• To stay in touch with families and remember our residents long after they are gone.

Benefits of choosing Carlsbad Elder Care

Benefits of choosing Carlsbad Elder Care

High Staff/Resident Ratio - We provide private rooms, a warm family atmosphere and caring staff that are trained to help dementia residents. Two caregivers are on duty 24 hours a day for six residents. Assistance with medication, bathing and dressing is included in our services. Dementia and hospice waivers are in place if needed.

Mobile Doctors, home health nurses, therapists and dentists visit as often as needed to provide medical assistance and support.

Meals - Nutritious and balanced home-cooked meals are served daily with accommodation made for residents with special dietary needs.

Activities are planned and they depend upon residents' interests and capabilities. Mornings start with light exercises after breakfast. We have house pets, we do gardening and we enjoy live singing and entertainment from a guitarist every other week.

In the spring, we visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields. In the summer we enjoy sunsets and walks on the Carlsbad beaches. During the fall, we have visits from children on Halloween and we prepare a Thanksgiving lunch. In the winter, we enjoy shopping at the Outlet Mall and getting ready for the holidays. Sometimes we visit the library, help with shopping for groceries at Costco, or just go for a ride.