Independent Living Facility in Carlsbad, CA

Let Our Professionals Help You Live Your Life to the Fullest

In all five of our facilities, we offer large, private rooms, some with their own bathrooms!

At Carlsbad Elder Care and associated facilities, your loved ones can rest and relax in a home-like environment!

Our loving caregivers clean up rooms every day and prepare three meals daily with fresh ingredients. There will be staff members on duty 24/7 in the event that there’s an emergency. We always dispense and administer medication for your loved ones. We make sure dosages are accurate, and medications are taken on time daily. We’re always happy to coordinate transportation to doctor’s offices or shopping centers. Assisted living is more than just accommodating “needs” we meet every “want”.

At Carlsbad Elder Care, we offer multiple levels of care. Many of our residents refer to our facilities as home. Between our experience and resources, we always offer top-tier service. Your loved one will have a seamless transition to our respected facilities and immediately feel at home with us.

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